I am thankful for all the excellent services offered by the professionals of CREMCN Inc. I not only developed my confidence when speaking to employers about myself but I also learned how to build a network. This helped me a lot in achieving my professional goal.
I was able to get an employment as intern in the city of Montreal and I am therefore ready for other employment opportunities and perspectives.

Emilia D.

I thank the team members of CREMCN Inc. for enlightening me on the Canadian labor market, for making me efficient in my job search and for preparing me for almost every situation. A training that goes straight to the point and puts you in real situation is the best preparation to really get a job.

Chemseddine B.

As a newcomer to Québec, I benefited from the services offered by the CREMCN Inc. Thanks to the support and the expertise of its staff; I could develop my self-confidence and learned how to explore the job market in a fruitful way. I rapidly found a job in my field and in a large company of my choice. I highly recommend the CREMCN Inc. to job seekers in general and to newcomers in particular.

Nader M.

Thanks to this training, I was able to acquire new skills, identify my weaknesses and explore the hidden job mmarket. I thank the CREMCN Inc. for the quality of its services and its employment counsellors.

Moustapha M.